• Regulatory and electrical audits

  • Energy or electrical efficiency program

  • Program for safe use and quality of energy

  • Energies with alternative sources and other solutions


From the audits, we design and implement comprehensive electrical management programs in stages, prioritizing the best cost-benefit ratio.

Energy savings or efficiency are sought to take advantage of tax incentives, quality to avoid penalties for reagents and safety as required by insurance companies and for the stability of the system and duration of the interconnected equipment.


It includes the efficient management and improvement of the quality and safe use of electrical energy in accordance with national and international standards, based on previous studies or audits on electrical systems in their systemic context, for a subsequent design and implementation of integrated solutions. from improvements in equipment and procedures to energy substitution (implementation of alternative or unconventional energy sources), thereby ensuring the optimal, complete or comprehensive use of electrical energy, with the existing tax incentives.


Secure and economical connectivity (by uses, not by packets).

Cloud-based cellular network.

Its API-driven infrastructure as a service was designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind to enable cellular connectivity with existing enterprise IT infrastructure.
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Inexpensive communication and internet of things via satellite, to cover remote regions (such as rural) where other operators do not normally reach. It adopts specific customer requirements and responds quickly to market demands.

Applications: digital agriculture, fleet management, ship/fishery management, oil and gas, water and energy management, where it offers satellite connectivity of AMI power meters to smart grids and supports maintenance and fault detection.

It provides innovative, robust and low-cost satellite Ku/Ka-band communication services for IoT/M2M use cases.


Real-time monitoring of electrical variables that allow greater control over energy efficiency and quality (alerts when the measurement shows abnormal behavior)

Through training, data analysis capabilities of the measured variables are developed, allowing autonomy in the  monitoring of electrical efficiency and  other aspects of energy quality and safety , making it easier to provide the most accurate and robust solutions on the market online, customized to meet  in real time  individual needs of customers, in their comprehensive energy management processes and support their Continuous improvement (within Industry, SMEs and the public and commercial sector).



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